Preliminary schedule, the exact schedule and start times will be updated before the event.

Sunday, 4th September

17.00: opening of the trial office and team registration

Monday, 5th September

7.30–17.00: team registration, veterinary check

8.00–18.00: official training according to the schedule

Tuesday, 6th September

8.00–12.00: team registration, veterinary check

8.00–13.00: official training according to the schedule

10.00: meeting of judges

12.00: meeting of team leaders

15.00: demonstration of phases B and C

16.30: opening ceremony at the stadium (with dogs)

19.00: draw of starting numbers

Wednesday, 7th September to Friday, 9th September

6.00–20.00: FCI IGP World Championship

Saturday, 10th September

6.00–19.00: FCI IGP World Championship

20.00: gala evening

Sunday, 11th September

7.00–13.00: FCI IGP World Championship

16.00: closing ceremony