Sunday, 11th September: Dear friends, dear fans of the IGP sport, the last day of the spectacular cynological event is over as the award ceremony closed the 30th FCI IGP World Championship. We enjoyed 5 days full of amazing performances, joyful atmosphere at the stadium and anticipation of who would become the World Champion. This riddle was not solved until the last moments the competition and tension was rising. Finally, the Ukrainian competitor Vika Bezus with her Malinois female Camino Brillante Blicka took the first place – her obedience was simply incredible and almost unreal. They received standing ovations from the audience and the judge awarded well-deserved 97 points to this team… 🙂

What to say more about the Championship? We hope that all visitors, competitors and judges loved their stay in Roudnice and the Czech Republic and that everyone was fully satisfied with the top dog sport event and its organization.


1st place: Viktoriia Bezus (Ukraine) and Camino Brillante Blicka (98-97-93/288)

2nd place: Eric Lapointe (France) and Orus des pas des Betes (96-96-94/286)

3rd place: Matúš Balun (Slovakia) and Bono Extreme Arakon Land (99-92-94/285)


1st place: the Czech Republic

2nd place: Slovakia

3rd place: Finland

Huge congratulations to all and safe travel home to abroad participants! 🙂

On behalf of the organizing team

Draha Mašková


Saturday, 10th September: The fourth day of the Championship is over and I am thinking how to summarize it. We could see world class performances again while some rounds did not go to plan – after all, dogs are not robots and they are entitled to weaker moments (although the handler is definitely not happy about it). Competitors did their best also in the tracking fields and the judge awarded fantastic 99 points. The stadium was quite crowded today as many fans of the sports cynology arrived to enjoy the performances, shopping and incredible atmosphere of this event. Our great presenter Pavel Vinš is a superb entertainer, he will not let the audience be bored at all. For example, he invited the Dutch photographer Mariëlle on the field and together with audience sang “Happy birthday” to her… 🙂

I have to thank all my fellow organizers for their work. We are all pretty tired, but we are still doing our best to satisfy the spectators and competitors. We believe that they will remember this world event in a good way. The FCI IGP World Championship 2022 will actually become a memory tomorrow, handlers will be competing for medals or the best possible result on the last day. Someone may not be so competitive and will be satisfied with taking part, with meeting the limit or with just enjoying the event. Either way, what is for sure is that we will find out the name of the World Champion 2022 tomorrow. A gala evening awaits the competitors today, so enjoy it and have fun! A wonderful Saturday evening to everybody! We are looking forward to the last day of the FCI IGP Championship, stay with us! 🙂


Friday, 9th September: As announced, the third day of the Championship started at 6.30 due to the changed schedule. The weather today looked a bit like in April. It was very foggy early in the morning, especially competitors from the first group of obedience rounds were quite hard visible at the stadium. The fog was replaced by sunny weather in the morning, but it did not last long. A big storm with hail, downpour and strong wind arrived after 1 p.m. and it hit mainly the tracking terrains. The Ukrainian competitor (UA-2) was not the only one who had a new track – tracks already laid were destroyed and not usable after the storm. Even so, the judge awarded fantastic 99 points several times today for tracking! 🙂 Laila Ooms is our tracking reporter and she is also interpreting for the Austrian judge Thomas Wöginger. We would like to thank the entire team of tracklayers and the judge for their work even in bad weather. We cannot dictate the weather, competitors and spectators at the stadium also got wet when storm got here around three o´clock, fortunately without wind and hail. …and the sun was shining again in the evening. 🙂

Number of spectators is much higher than yesterday and the atmosphere is getting really wonderful. There is plenty to watch – as counted by the event director Václav Kejř, 94 Malinoises, 43 German Shepherds, three Rottweilers, one Dobermann, one Giant Schnauzer, one Dutch Shepherd and one German Boxer are participating!

FCI IGP World Championship 2022 has moved into its second half today. Nervousness and excitement are rising, who will become the World Champion of all breeds after three years? We have to wait until Sunday to solve the riddle. Fingers crossed for all the competitors who still have a routine ahead of them. Good luck! 🙂


Thursday, 8th September: The second day of the Championship started as scheduled and the weather was nice until about 10 o´clock. Then it changed and it was raining mildly or quite heavily till 3 p.m. The audience enjoyed many amazing moments at the stadium despite the weather (there could be more spectators, but Friday and the weekend will surely change it). Who we could hear a lot is the Austrian team – they are cheering and rooting and create a really great atmosphere here. 🙂

Just like yesterday, we could watch some top and almost flawless performances in obedience and protection, some handlers might not be so satisfied how their routine went. You can see the results of the Championship here on our website or on:–FCI-WM-IGP-2022/resultAll

Regarding protection work, several of today´s long attacks were almost unreal, the speed and grip of the dogs is sometimes unbelievable. Which reminds me, I was talking to the event supervisor Robert Markschläger yesterday, and he remembered the first years of the FCI World Championships. At that time, there were only two helpers for the entire event! Their back, legs and hands were all swollen and bruised during the competition, horrible to imagine that. Fortunately, things are changing and two pairs of the helpers are switching at the competition field nowadays. Czech helpers are renowned for their skills and abilities, which is fully confirmed by their work at the stadium. Thank you, guys, you are doing technically perfect job here! 🙂

Robert Markschläger also likes joking. For example, today when Frans Jansen needed a big paper envelope for something. “…he probably wants to send an e-mail!” 🙂 When I mentioned Frans Jansen, President of the FCI Utility Dog Commission, I have to write something about him. He is the fairest person for me, he never panics, is always kind and solves all problems with insight and reason. His motto may be – and he often repeats it here: “There are no problems, there are only solutions.” I love this attitude. You may not know that Frans loves tracking and he published a book “The Tracking Dog” – you can order it on

That is about it for today. Oh no, one more important thing! There has been a change in the schedule! We are starting here at 6.30 tomorrow! You can find the new schedule here:

Have a nice evening, good luck to the competitors on the next day of the World FCI IGP Championship!

Short footage from the opening ceremony:


Wednesday, 7th September: The first day of the Championship is over and I have to say it was awesome! 🙂 The morning temperature of around 15 degrees seemed to be very comfortable and pleasant both for the dogs and their handlers, but later in the afternoon it got surprisingly hot and muggy. Last protections of the day finished just on time not to get wet, some rain was coming. The FCI IGP World Championship started with obedience judged by a strict eye of German judge Klaus-Jürgen Glüh and Jiří Kolář is a judge for the long down. Groups of six competitors did their best not only in obedience, but in protection phase as well. Phase C is judged by Igor Lengvarský from Slovakia, who is also strict and fair. Obedience and protection performances that we watched at the stadium today were of a very high level, some of them were even fantastic. It was also amazing to see breeds that are not quite typical for sports cynology – Rottweilers, Dutch Shepherd, Dobermann and Giant Schnauzer showed their skills today. By the way, what is unique – there are two wild cards for the Rottweiler breed, because two handlers won the IFR World Championship in 2021 (Hynek Procházka from the Czech Republic and Erich Seirer from Germany).

Since “tracking makes the podium” :-), I must of course not forget to mention Thomas Wöginger from Austria, our judge for tracking, and the team of tracklayers – they are all doing an excellent job. We could see some very high tracking scores today, well done! The mood and atmosphere in Roudnice is perfect, the spectators support their favourites with applause, but they also appreciate performances of other competitors. I would like to invite you to Roudnice nad Labem again – if you have the opportunity to come, do not hesitate. In addition to top world performances, you will definitely enjoy shopping here! 🙂 Stands of general sponsor VAFO BRIT Company, a manufacturer of super premium dog food and HST Company, a manufacturer of dog sport supplies and clothing (we thank them very much for their support) are waiting here for you, and you can also go shopping to stands of Raddog, Ataner, Gappay, Z Polytanu, Ščučka, NorthSay, Ritega, Bende, Dog Supplies, OK Pet, Fine Design etc.

The weather for tomorrow looks changeable, we will see if any rain or storms come. We will be here for you anyway. Good luck to all competitors for the second day of the FCI IGP World Championship! 🙂


Tuesday, 6th September: The trial office was officially opening at 8 o´clock today again, but many foreign participants were coming here with lots of questions by seven o´clock. Some judges were selecting the helpers in the morning (Josef Kubec and Jan Böhm were selected, Milan Římek and Vojtěch Konečný are the second pair of helpers), and the meeting of all judges followed up. The rest of official training sessions took place today and as the afternoon progressed, everybody could literally feel the rising excitement of the upcoming event. It started to drizzle during the opening ceremony, but it did not affect at all the festive and happy atmosphere of the moment. 144 handlers from 34 countries from all over the world and their dogs were invited by Pavel Vinš, our great and amazing presenter, to enter the stadium. The opening ceremony of the FCI IGP World Championship started on time as well as the draw of starting numbers. The first day of the competition is ahead of us, do not hesitate and arrive to Roudnice to enjoy the long awaited event! 🙂 If you cannot make it here, you can at least read our reports. Ivan Gabal from Slovakia will be taking pictures so you can look forward to them here or on FB. 🙂


Monday, 5th September: Team registrations and official training sessions took place throughout Monday. The weather was kind to the handlers and their energetic dogs. The team leaders were coming to our office in a very positive mood. Everyone is excited that the FCI World Championship is finally being held again, that all colleagues, friends and competitors can finally meet after three long years! The entire organizing team believes that every competitor and spectator will enjoy the event, including us, the organizers, as the feeling of a job well done is what makes you forget about the hours and hours of work.

Starting Wednesday, I will be here for you to comment on what is happening at the competition field in the form of summary reports, not online. English translation will be provided by Eva Fiedlerová.

On behalf of Václav Kejř and his organizing team as well as great cynologists from Roudnice – Draha Mašková


Sunday, 4th September: Hello to everyone from Roudnice nad Labem! The trial office has opened, first veterinary checks and team registrations are over. Official trainings will start tomorrow, which will be much more interesting. The organizing team as well as competitors are in a good mood and that is the most important thing! 🙂